Kamogawa Sea World

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Kamogawa Sea World
Official Hotel Features
Create special memories
with an ocean view

					which can be accessed directly from the hotel!

Enjoy the aquarium Hotel guests are granted free access to Kamogawa Sea World,
which can be accessed directly from the hotel!

Guests can enter as often as they like during their stay,
from arrival through departure.

As the official hotel linked to Kamogawa Sea World, guests are provided a special guests-only access passport. Guests can enter Kamogawa Sea World for free on the day of and the day following their stay at the hotel.

Free entry to Kamogawa Sea World!
						An ocean view from all rooms.
Ocean View

Enjoy the scenery An ocean view from all rooms.

Enjoy relaxing time away from everyday life in a room
with a view of the Bōsō Peninsula waters.

Ocean view from all rooms. Gaze out into the vast Pacific Ocean and listen to the sounds of the waves as you enjoy relaxing time with your family.


Enjoy time with family Vast array of services for children
to ensure even infants have an enjoyable time.

Wide variety of amenities, including children's hotel wear, toothbrushes, and slippers. The public bath is equipped with baby baths and toys. The buffet dining hall offers a free selection of baby foods. We support your child's first travel experience.