Kamogawa Sea World

Kamogawa Sea World hotel reservation

Options in addition to dinner and breakfast buffet at the on-site restaurant Mermaid.
We also accept reservations for seasonal special menus.

  • Dinner: 17:00-20:30
  • Breakfast: 7:00-9:30

The buffet features ingredients from Chiba and Kamogawa, and offers a wide range of options to satisfy both adults and children. There is also a to-order kitchen where you can select freshly fried tempura and pasta made there on the spot.

Dinner Buffet (Opening hours: 17:00 – 20:30 *Guests are asked to come to the restaurant by 19:30.)

Enjoy the charming tastes of the Bōsō Peninsula, from seafood to mountain harvest

Japanese, Western and Chinese cuisines are served in a buffet-style at the Mermaid restaurant on the first basement floor.

  • *The opening hours may be changed.
Kamogawa Sea World’s original mascots show up at the restaurant during the dinner time!
Kamogawa Sea World’s original mascots show up at the restaurant during the dinner time!

One of the Sea World mascots, Orutan or Silky, appears at the restaurant every day. Play and take photos with them.

  • ※Temporarily unavailable due to preventative measures for COVID-19.

Special dishes

A special menu of seasonal flavors made using ingredients carefully selected by the chef

You can also receive an early bird discount by reserving early.
Reservations & inquiries
Kamogawa Sea World Hotel Tel. 04-7092-3151 (8:30 – 19:00)

Chef’s recommended specialty dishes

Raw Spiny Lobster Sashimi
Raw Spiny Lobster Sashimi 4,000 yen
Grilled Marinated Spiny Lobster
Grilled Marinated Spiny Lobster 4,000 yen
Assorted Sashimi Platter
Assorted Sashimi Platter 4,300 yen

(early booking discount price: 3,850 yen)

Tsuboyaki Style Grilled Turban Shell
“Tsuboyaki” Style Grilled Turban Shell 1,500 yen

(early booking discount price: 1,400 yen)

Assorted of Three Horse Mackerel
Assorted of Three Horse Mackerel 1,300 yen

(early booking discount price: 1,200 yen)

Local Style Chopped Raw Horse Mackerel
Local Style Chopped Raw Horse Mackerel 1,100 yen

(early booking discount price: 1,000 yen)

  • *The early booking discount price only applies to a reservation made by the day before arrival at the hotel.
  • *Some dishes may not be served depending on weather and other conditions.
All You Can Drink (70-min)

all-you-can-drink plan for 2,500 yen (including tax).
Japanese sake, draft beer (excluding draft craft beer), shochu, wine, shochu cocktails


Breakfast buffet (7:00-9:30)

Charge yourself for the day with a breakfast made from fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.

Enjoy Japanese, Western and Chinese buffet menus at the restaurant Mermaid on sublevel B1. Featuring a porridge corner with a variety of toppings!
Start with a refreshing morning with pickled vegetables and as many other toppings as you like.

Baby Food

Baby food can be prepared free of charge for guests with small children.

Ask the restaurant staff on the day. Baby food is prepared after you order.

(3 types with rice)
  • Carrot & pumpkin porridge
  • White fish & vegetable rice soup
  • Chicken & vegetable risotto
(3 types of side dishes)
  • Chicken liver and vegetables
    in tomato sauce
  • Salmon and potatoes
    in cream sauce
  • Chicken tomato stew
  • *All food menus have an indication of these eight allergenic ingredients, if they are used.
  • *In case of emergency, the hotel has a medical service contract with Kameda General Hospital.