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An exhibit of 10 kinds of jellyfish in a facility dedicated to jellyfish where you can learn about their mysterious ecology

Kurage life

"Kurage Life" introduces the fascinating ecology and diversity of jellyfish through an exhibit with 10 types of jellyfish, and an area that reproduces the mysterious life history of jellyfish and their lives using the latest digital video technology in a hands-on exhibition facility where you can learn in a more fun and easy-to-understand way.

Next to the tanks where real jellyfish are displayed is a hands-on jellyfish exhibition facility that features holographic images.
Activate a flow of water by waving your hand and watch as the jellyfish in front of you drift away, watch them slowly sink to the bottom of the sea when it rains and the specific gravity of the seawater decreases; you can get a feeling of what it would be like to witness such precious sights in the sea through a realistic reproduction of extraordinary encounters with nature and other creatures.

Enjoy the mysterious world of jellyfish in a space that will make you feel as if you were also a jellyfish.

Biological exhibit zone

Observe various types of jellyfish
You can closely observe 9 kinds of jellyfish of various colors and shapes in a tranquil atmosphere featuring 9 water tanks of varying sizes.
Types of jellyfish exhibited
- Tima formosa
- Eirene lacteoides
- Aequorea macrodactyla
- Sanderia malayensis
- Rhopilema asamushi
- Mastigias papua
- Aurelia aurita
- Chrysaora fuscescens
- Chrysaora pacifica
*Types of jellyfish exhibited may change depending on the season.

A lesson on the ecology of jellyfish
Learn about the lesser-known ecology of jellyfish.
You can find out how jellyfish are classified and observe their unusual lives.
■ What is a jellyfish?
 Cassiopea ornata, Leuckartiara octona, Bolinopsis mikado
■ The lives of jellyfish
 Aurelia aurita, Tima formosa
*Types of jellyfish exhibited may change depending on the season.

Video aquarium zone (hands-on area)
The video aquarium zone allows you to learn and experience things through actual body movement.

Observation area
Interact with a hand pump to inflate a bubble in which a jellyfish larva will appear, and observe how it grows and changes in the bubble.
When it finishes growing into a jellyfish, the bubble will burst and the jellyfish will pop out into the interaction area.

Interaction area 1: Jellyfish in the ocean (holographic video zone)
Gently create a flow of water with your hand toward the jellyfish that emerged from the observation area and watch as the jellyfish drifts along.
Enjoy a realistic reproduction of the life of a jellyfish through holographic scenarios in which it gets eaten by file fish or loggerhead turtles, or slowly sinks to the bottom of the water when the specific gravity of the seawater drops due to rain.

Interaction area 2: The shore
A shoreline spreads out on the floor where you can step on the surface of the water to cause ripples and watch as the jellyfish slowly move away from the humans.

Jellyfish bench
Sit on a semi-circular bench nearby and hold your hand out to see a jellyfish appear in the palm of your hand.

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Kurage Life