Kamogawa Sea World

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The charm of the aquarium

Interactive Discovery of Underwater World and Marine Life

We rarely get to encounter sea animals in our daily life. Sea animals have their own unique characteristics and biology, and live active lives. The way they embrace life is far beyond our imagination, amazing and moving us.
We hope visitors to Kamogawa Sea World will come face to face with this amazing sea life and enjoy interacting with sea animals both physically and emotionally. Here at Kamogawa Sea World, we have an exhibition environment that is a real representation of the sea world. There is an unconstrained, peaceful ocean life under the sky. We have performances that enable our animals to display their intelligence and motor capabilities.
We want to share our feeling for the ocean with our visitors through each and every one of the experiences we offer. The wish of the animal keepers and all the other staff members at Kamogawa Sea World is for our visitors to have an unforgettable experience here.
We hope that your day spent at Kamogawa Sea World becomes a special memory that will last a lifetime.

  • The concept behind the exhibits at Kamogawa Sea World is “encountering the ocean world.”

    We provide a place where our visitors will be amazed by the beauty of sea life and learn about the importance of it and its surrounding environments through exhibitions representative of the natural world and performances by our sea animals.

  • Exhibitions/research activities in collaboration with the community

    Cooperation from local fishermen is indispensable for gathering the organisms on display, as well as for releasing protected specimen and conducting investigations and research activities. We also actively cooperate with government agencies and police to hold events, traffic safety campaigns and seminars, and with local tourism associations to hold local cultural activities.

  • We have created a place for fun learning by providing a variety of educational programs.

    We have created a place for fun learning through the provision of a range of educational programs, such as monthly meetings of the Animal Friend Society, summer schools, junior trainer experiences, night adventures, and special programs for schools.

The social roles of zoos and aquariums include
education, recreation, preservation of nature, and investigation/research.
Kamogawa Sea World does not only offer animal exhibitions and performances,
but also promotes educational and research activities and is actively engaged
in collaborative activities with the local community, including Kamogawa City.

  • Educational Activities

    Shortly after opening in 1973, we began offering summer school and other educational programs, and have since provided a wide range of fun opportunities for learning about the ecology of marine animals.

  • Wild Life Conservation Activities

    We engage in activities for the protection of marine mammals drifting along the coast of the Boso Peninsula, loggerhead turtle eggs, and the environment inhabited by rare aquatic insects.

  • Promotion and Research of Captive Breeding

    Efforts are being made at zoos and aquariums to breed animals as a way to promote ex-situ conservation activities, with research on such breeding also being conducted. The findings from such research are then being put to good use in in-situ conservation activities.

  • Community Partnership

    We also cooperate with local government agencies, police, tourism associations, schools, and more to hold local cultural activities in addition to coming-of-age ceremonies and traffic safety campaigns. Since 2016, we have celebrated Kamogawa Citizen Day by opening the aquarium to Kamogawa citizens free of charge.