Vision and Research Activities

Interactive Discovery of Underwater World and Marine Life

We rarely get to encounter sea animals in our daily life. Sea animals have their own unique characteristics and biology, and live active lives. The way they embrace life is far beyond our imagination, amazing and moving us.
We hope visitors to Kamogawa Sea World will come face to face with this amazing sea life and enjoy interacting with sea animals both physically and emotionally. Here at Kamogawa Sea World, we have an exhibition environment that is a real representation of the sea world. There is an unconstrained, peaceful ocean life under the sky. We have performances that enable our animals to display their intelligence and motor capabilities.
We want to share our feeling for the ocean with our visitors through each and every one of the experiences we offer. The wish of the animal keepers and all the other staff members at Kamogawa Sea World is for our visitors to have an unforgettable experience here.
We hope that your day spent at Kanagawa Sea World becomes a special memory that will last a lifetime.

Kamogawa Sea World's Four Initiatives

The concept behind the exhibits at Kamogwa Sea World is "encountering the ocean world." We provide a place where our visitors will be amazed by the beauty of sea life and learn about the importance of it and its surrounding environments through exhibitions representative of the natural world and performances by our sea animals.

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