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So much to see,
with lively and synchronized performances by dolphins.
Dolphins have an intelligence and athleticism beyond our imagination. Enjoy the swift dips and breath-taking high jumps of the bottlenose and Pacific white-sided dolphins.
Join the king of the ocean in an exciting adventure.
The king struts his stuff on the stage of the magnificent Pacific Ocean. Dynamic performances by curious and powerful killer whales attract you. They reveal their gentle character with their trainers.
Discover the mysterious abilities of beluga whales (white whales).
Beluga whales inhabit the Arctic Ocean. They have white bodies, and are highly intelligent, with the ability to converse with each other and to emit ultrasound waves for echolocation. This theatrical demonstration showcases their distinctive prowess.
Meet a smiling sea lion.
Sea lions are equally comfortable on land and in water. This comical tour-de-force reveals their profound intellect. Enjoy the humorous performances of the slick sea lions.
Observe aquatic life in the natural flow of water.
From deep in the mountains come the waters that flow into the Pacific. Take a look up close at the creatures in an environment featuring re-created ocean waves and river current. Meet the ocean sunfish, the Japanese spider crab, and other dwellers of the waters surrounding the Boso Peninsula.
Imagine yourself diving at a coral reef.
The sparkling white sand of the beach, the emerald green ripples of the water, the colorful fish and coral: See them as if you were diving. Modeled after the coral reef in the Republic of Kiribati, where the sun first greets the world.
A marine mammals' paradise.
These five "Seas" re-create natural surroundings from around the Pacific, including California, Alaska and the Kuril Islands. See seals and sea lions and other unique animals in their natural state.
The world of polar sea animals.
On the ground floor of the Rocky World unfold the re-created the Arctic and Antarctic, introducing the biology of unique creatures inhabiting the icy waters, such as sea otters, which are mustelids, and flightless penguins.
The only cafeteria-style restaurant in Japan where you can enjoy a meal while watching killer whales swim by. We feature a seasonal lunch menu and serve a range of dishes, including a rice topped with seafood from the Boso Peninsula. Relax and enjoy the sight of a passing family of killer whales. The main gift shop of the Kamogawa Sea World. A range of original "character" goods and many one-of-a-kind sweets are available. You do not need to enter the park to enjoy the gift shop.
A restaurant steeped in the atmosphere of the southern Republic of Kiribati. Outdoor seating is available.
*Closed in some season.
Featuring a tropical motif, this shop is full of tropical items. Stocked with books on the sea and original "character" goods of killer whales and other sea animals.

Enjoy your meals while admiring the grandeur of the Pacific Ocean. A buffet style restaurant will take you on an imaginative, relaxing cruise. Enjoy your meal under the sun on the deck outside.
A spacious kid's park full of equipment for fun. Children can play within the reach of their parents.
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