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Guided Discovery Tours and Activities (interacting with animals)

Aquarium Behind the Scenes Tour

Explore behind the scenes of the aquarium, in areas you are not normally allowed to enter, while listening to explanations by aquarium staff.

Aquarium Behind the Scenes Tour
Participation fee

1,050 yen/person (capacity: 20 people)

Meeting place

Information DeskClick for area information


The minimum age for this activity is four.

  • *Participants in this activity must be four years old or older.
  • *Children of elementary school age are allowed to participate in this activity alone. Children younger than elementary school age must be accompanied by an adult (high school student or older).
  • *Please follow the instructions of staff members during the activity.
  • *One ticket for one person (any accompanying person must have a ticket). Visitors without a participation ticket are not allowed to enter the activity site.
  • *Admission for children aged three or younger is free; however, they are not allowed to enter areas with age and height restrictions (Beluga Petting; Tropical Island Communication Time; Dolphin Sea Communication Time; Lovely Dolphins; and the Aquarium Behind the Scenes Tour).
  • *Baby buggies are not allowed in the activity site.
  • *Tickets cannot be refunded after the designated program time.
  • *Please ask information desk staff if you have any questions.
  • *All the indicated prices include consumption tax.

Ticket office information

A participation ticket for the day is necessary to participate in a Guided Discovery Tour.
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