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Dolphin Petting

What does a dolphin’s skin feel like? Is it squeaky or smooth? Touch and interact with them.

Dolphin Petting
Participation fee

650 yen/person (capacity: 20 people for each session)

Meeting place

Surf StadiumClick for area information


The dolphin petting activity is conducted after each Dolphin Performance show.

  • *Children younger than elementary school age must be accompanied by an adult (high school student or older). (The accompanying person must purchase a participation ticket.)
  • *Please follow the instructions of staff members during the activity.
  • *One ticket for one person (any accompanying person must have a ticket). Visitors without a participation ticket are not allowed to enter the activity site.
  • *Admission for children aged three or younger is free; however, they are not allowed to enter areas with age and height restrictions (Beluga Petting; Tropical Island Communication Time; Dolphin Sea Communication Time; Lovely Dolphins; and the Aquarium Behind the Scenes Tour).
  • *Baby buggies are not allowed in the activity site.
  • *Tickets cannot be refunded after the designated program time.
  • *Please ask information desk staff if you have any questions.
  • *All the indicated prices include consumption tax.

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Ticket office information

A participation ticket for the day is necessary to participate in a Guided Discovery Tour.
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