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An ecological exhibition of the tufted puffin seabird which widely inhabits the subarctic region of the North Pacific Ocean.

Pirika Forest

A replica of part of North America's Alaskan coast. The Japanese word for tufted puffin, a bird that lives in the subarctic region of the North Pacific, means beautiful beak in the Ainu language, and as the name suggests, the beaks of these birds turn into a beautiful orange color as they mature. When diving underwater, they spread their wings to swim and look as if they are flying in the water.


[What kind of bird is the tufted puffin?]

The tufted puffin is a seabird distributed widely throughout the subarctic zone and is found on the coast of eastern Hokkaido in Japan.
It has a big, bright orange beak from which its Japanese name, Etopirika derived, meaning beautiful beak in the Ainu language.

[Swim freely underwater as if flying in the sky!]

Tufted puffins are fish-eaters. They use their wings and webbed feet to dive underwater and catch small fish. The way they flap their wings to swim freely in the water in search of prey is a must-see attraction.

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Pirika Forest