Standard Guest Room: 10-tatami-mat Japanese-style room (approx. 17 m2)

The fifth floor has been renovated as a non-smoking floor.

Unwinding in a room with a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean

Non-smoking rooms
1st floor: 3 rooms 2nd floor: 10 rooms 3rd floor: 4 rooms
4th floor: 5 rooms 5th floor: all rooms (non-smoking floor)

If you prefer a non-smoking room, please request one when making a reservation. *We may not always be able to meet your request as rooms are reserved on a first-come-first-served basis.

Special Room 501 (western-style non-smoking room)

A grandstand view of Kamogawa Sea World and the Pacific Ocean from the top floor
A corner room on the top 5th floor (approx. 20 m2)

This special room is the only western-style room with bathtub and toilet at Kamogawa Sea World Hotel.
This is a popular room with a panoramic view of the splendid Pacific Ocean and Kamogawa Sea World.

Special Room 401 (Japanese-style room)

A panoramic view of Kamogawa Sea World and the splendid Pacific Ocean
A spacious Japanese-style corner room (approx. 20 m2) with bathtub and toilet on the 4th floor

Room 307 (Two Japanese-style adjoining rooms)

The roominess of two adjoining rooms
A spacious room created by combing two tatami rooms (approx. 13 m2 each)
(This room is limited to a party of 6 - 7 people.)

Room Facilities/Amenities

Refrigerator: No drinks are provided. Guests are welcome to bring in their own drinks.
Yukata (casual cotton kimono): 3L (190 cm - ), LL (180 cm -), L (170 cm -), M (165 cm -), S (150 cm -)
*Male and female yukata for adults are different in color. Please inform us of the gender and height of each guest in your party.


Bath towel, face towel, toothbrush

Equipment for Children

Step stool to assist in reaching the washbowl, child’s toilet seat, slippers, clothes hangers, basket to place on a baby buggy

Amenities for Children

Ages 0 & 1: strawberry flavored toothpaste, toothbrush, animation character slippers
Age 2 and older: strawberry flavored toothpaste, toothbrush, animation character slippers, bath towel, face towel, yukata (large: 140 cm - ; medium: 120 cm - ; small: 100 cm - )
*Upon request, a futon (traditional Japanese bedding) for children can be prepared (1,080 yen including tax).


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