Admission to Kamogawa Sea World

Can I enter Kamogawa Sea World?
Hotel guests can enter without paying admission fees, as a passport that allows free entry from the day of check-in to the day of check-out will be provided.
Please enter Sea World through the passage for the exclusive use of hotel guests.


Can I leave my luggage if I arrive early?
Yes, you can leave your luggage after completing the necessary procedures. However, please keep valuables in your possession as they cannot be kept together with the luggage.
Are pets allowed in the hotel?
We are sorry, but pets are not allowed in the hotel. Please contact the hotel as we can refer you to a nearby pet hotel.
What are the check-in and check-out times?
The check-in time is 3:00 p.m. and check-out time is 10:00 a.m.
How much are the accommodation fees?
Accommodation fees vary according to the number of guests sharing a room, and the season. Please see the Accommodation Plan page on our website .
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What kinds of rooms are available?
Standard guestrooms comprise a 10-tatami-mat room and a balcony. A futon is usually used for bedding.
There is also one special Western-style room and one special Japanese-style room, as well as a suite consisting of two adjoining 8-tatami-mat rooms.
How many people can stay in a room?
From 2 to 6 people can stay in a standard 10-tatami-mat room, 2 to 4 in the special rooms, and 6 to 7 in the two-room suite.
Are there no-smoking rooms?
Yes. We have no-smoking rooms on each floor. Please confirm at the time of reservation, as the number of such rooms is limited.
Smoking is prohibited in the hotel, except in designated guestrooms and the smoking room.
What amenities are there in the guestrooms?
There are yukatas, face towels, bath towels, a bath mat, toothbrush sets, shampoo, hair conditioner, body soap and a hair drier. All guestrooms have toilets equipped with a washlet.
Are there refrigerators in the guestrooms?
Yes, all rooms have empty refrigerators.

Facilities in the hotel

Is there a shop where I can buy souvenirs?
There is a souvenir shop/convenience store in the hotel.
Besides souvenirs, it sells drinks, sweets, snacks and some daily necessities.
Opening hours
7:30 - 10:30,14:30 - 21:00
Are there vending machines in the hotel?
Vending machines for beer, soft drinks and ice cream are on the first floor.
Is there an ice machine?
No, but ice is sold at the shop on the first floor.
Is there any bar lounge in the hotel?
No, there is no lounge.
Do you have internet service?
A. Complimentary wireless LAN Internet access is provided.
Is there any pool in the hotel?
There is an outdoor pool in the hotel. It will be open only during summer.
Is there any sauna in the hotel?
No, but Esthetic and Massage services are available.


Does the bath use hot-spring water?
The large communal bath uses hot-spring water (simple sulfur cold-mineral spring).
The male and female sections of the communal bath are switched in the morning.
The opening hours are from 15:00 to 25:00 and from 5:00 to 9:00.
Baths in the guestrooms do not use hot-spring water.
Are there bath towels in the large communal bath?
No. Please take the bath and face towels from your room.


How many restaurants are there in the hotel?
There is a buffet restaurant "Mermaid".
Where and when are the meals served?
Meals are served in the Mermaid Restaurant on the first basement level. It opens at 5:00 p.m. but this may change depending on the season. Guests will be informed of such changes at the reception desk.
Please enter the restaurant no later than 7:30 p.m. for dinner.
What is served for dinner and breakfast?
Both dinner and breakfast are served buffet style, with a choice that includes dishes for children. Other than the buffet, dishes made with local seafood can also be ordered separately.
Baby food is also available although the variety is limited.
When should I order a-la-carte dishes or baby food?
You can order them either at the time of reservation or during dinner.
Do you have room service?
No, we don't have.
Are drinks served with meals?
Soft drinks are included in the buffet. Alcoholic drinks can be ordered at the restaurant and are charged separately.


Is there a parking lot?
There is a free parking lot exclusively for hotel guests.
If you arrive early, you can park your car in the hotel parking lot and enter Sea World by completing the necessary procedures.
Which is the nearest train station?
It is Awakamogawa Station on the JR Sotobo Line.
It takes about 2 hours by limited express train from the Keiyo Line underground platform of Tokyo Station.
Is there a courtesy bus service?
There is a courtesy bus service between JR Awakamogawa Station and the hotel. We will pick you up from the station if you let us know the arrival time of your train, when you make the reservation. It takes about 8 minutes if there are no traffic jams.

Other questions

Are there hospitals in the vicinity?
There is a general hospital with an emergency medical care center within a 5-minute drive.
Can I pay by credit card?
Yes, we accept VISA, JCB, AMEX, Master and other credit cards and debit cards.
Can you exchange foreign currency at the hotel?
No, we can't.
Do you have any transformers in the hotel?
No, we don't have.


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