Five Appealing Features of Kamogawa Sea World Hotel

Admission Passport to Kamogawa Sea World

  • Hotel guests will receive an Enjoy Passport, which allows free access to Kamogawa Sea World from the day of their arrival to the day of their departure.
    *Enjoy Passport is given to the guest at the front desk.
  • The hotel is directly linked to Kamogawa Sea World. An exclusive passageway leads you to the Sea World entrance.
  • Enjoy Passport is also used as a pass for the breakfast & dinner buffet.

>> Kamogawa Sea World

Spacious, Ocean View Guest Rooms

  • The beautiful ocean can be viewed from all of our spacious guest rooms.
  • You will be calmed by the sound of the waves and the ocean aroma.
  • Please enjoy a relaxing time on the tatami mats in our spacious Japanese-style rooms.
  • You are free to use the refrigerator in your room for food and beverage brought in from outside of the hotel and for souvenirs that need to be refrigerated.

>> Ocean View Guest Rooms

Kamogawa Onsen Nagisa-no-Yu

  • Kamogawa Onsen Nagisa-no-Yu Hot Spring water contains sodium chloride, hydrogen carbonate and sulfur (mineral-rich cold spring water), giving it a slight sulfur odor.
  • Kamogawa Onsen started with the establishment of Kamogawa Onsen Nagisa-no-Yu, which was excavated collaboratively by local Hot Spring Association members in April 2003. Although some accommodation facilities had had their own spring sources, with the establishment of Nagisa-no-Yu, 22 ryokans in the Kamogawa area joined together with the aim of creating a new onsen resort and announced an onsen declaration. With a tropical mood, Kamogawa Onsen is a new onsen resort filled with energy and vigorous atmosphere.

>> Kamogawa Onsen Nagisa-no-Yu

Eclectic Dinner and Breakfast Buffet

  • Our chefs serve warm dishes such as grilled seafood and tempura at food stalls.
    *Menus change with the season.
  • Desserts and soft drinks are included.
  • Special dishes such as assorted sashimi plates and chef’s recommended specialty dishes can be ordered separately.
    *There is an early discount service for reservations for special dishes.

>> Dinner buffet

>> Breakfast buffet

A Full Range of Services for Children

  • The Kamogawa Sea World mascots come to see young guests at dinner time.
  • There is also a staffed kid’s corner in the restaurant.
  • For small children, a baby meal (original baby food) is served free of charge.
  • Baby chairs, baby bathtubs and toys are prepared in the spa and there are baby beds in the changing room.
  • Guest rooms are fully equipped with facilities and amenities for children, including a child’s toilet seat, step stool to assist them in reaching the washbowl, yukata (casual cotton kimono), toothbrush and slippers.

>> Services for children

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